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5 Tips for Proper Phone Etiquette

Does this scenario sound familiar?

You've met someone and are trying to finalize plans for your first date. You do the whole chat on the phone thing and your date goes from "a sure thing" to "a wait and see".

Que paso?

You dropped the ball when it came to proper phone manners.You need these 5 never fail phone tips!

1. Remember you're on the phone.
Which means the other person can't see when you nod, use your hands for emphasis or make a funny face (that last one is a good thing). You'll need to speak. Sorry.

2. Speak clearly.
Can you hear me now? Then I guess mumbling isn't your thing. Your mouth works best when it isn't glued to the receiver. Enunciate.

Because they'll have to cancel the date in order to be fitted with hearing aids.

4. Avoid making an inordinate amount of noise.
Heavy breathing is best left for cheesy pornos and scary movies. Talk, laugh, don't belch, don't fart, let the other person get a word in edge-wise (or however they prefer).

5. Make some noise.
Nobody wants to talk to dead space. Participate in the conversation.

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