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  • It's a cozy Friday night to have a chat that's going to warm you up! 1.800.865.0865 2 days 13 hours ago
  • @UNKSND Haha yes. Ah Blackberries: classic, not old-school right? We don't discriminate though, iPhones & Androids calls are as legit as... 3 days 16 hours ago
  • Love it! Just keep talking to new ppl! RT @welovedates: If you're single, you might as well enjoy it! 5 days 16 hours ago
  • @whomadeus I'll take dirty talk over squeaky clean ;) What were you watching on MTV? 1 week 3 days ago
  • RT @whomadeus: @livelinks you filthy filthy girls!! #noshame #thanksmtv #mtv 1 week 3 days ago

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