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At Livelinks we're always happy to hear about your experiences on the line. Why not tell us about that hot girl you are swapping messages with? Or maybe you’ve met the guy of your dreams? Maybe Livelinks has just helped expand your circle of friends or just filled your evening with great conversation. Or, maybe you had a problem and you have a suggestion for making Livelinks better?

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Nothing makes us happier than hearing from the thousands of customers who have made a real connection on Livelinks. Here are just a few of the responses we have received.

I simply wanted to say thank you Livelinks!! My husband and I connected on your phone chat line clear back in 2002. We had a short romance and engagement and got married March 1st 2003. It is currently the end of 2012 which means the following March 1st will be our 10 year anniversary!! I am very proud to say we met on Livelinks when we are asked how we met. About 10 years ago it was still a little taboo to meet and have a relationship online/chatline. As now it is more common. Some people don't believe us. We also have 2 wonderful children. Two boys will be turning 9 and 4 in a couple of weeks. I just thought you might like to hear a great success story, that if it wasn't for your company we would not have met, nor have had a such great boys. I am extremely greatful to the owner, creator and everyone who keeps Livelinks running. I love my husband more than the world and truly believe that we were meant for each other. Thank you again for being our matchmaker.

- Stephanie C, Modesto California.

I found someone with your service and I’m really happy

- Cole, Boise

I love your chatline, I’m really happy to be on the line

- Edward, New York

Livelinks is lots of fun and a GREAT SERVICE. I just was on the line for 5 hours!

- Don, Farmington

I am very happy, I found my partner on Livelinks!

- Iman, New Jersey

I love the way your system works, very nice!

- Martin, Chicago

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