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Pick Up The Phone

It’s no secret that texting has surpassed the phone call as the preferred method of mobile conversation. The number of text messages sent monthly in the US exploded from 14 billion in 2000 to 188 billion on 2010, according to a Pew Institute survey. Texting is perceived as an easier, more efficient, and less-uncomfortable way to communicate than the old-fashioned phone call. But in reality, texting is also one of the easiest ways to miscommunicate how you feel, and misinterpret what others mean.

What Are Your 2014 Love Life Resolutions?

Okay, maybe some of you think it’s cheesy, but I’m all for resolutions. Change is always good, if we’re changing the right things. It’s the end of January, but I’m still thinking and planning for new things in this new year. What do you want your love life to be like in 2014?

What is Livelinks?

What is Livelinks?

The answer varies from person to person:

Phone sex

Sex hotline

Party line

A history lesson

Yep, many possibilites, but it all depends on who is calling to find out. Livelinks is phone dating. You call, you connect, you talk and then you go on a date. Easy!

Pubes In Your Face

While pube rockets may show your utter devotion to a certain person, it's downright crazy. Like, really effing crazy. As such, be judicious with your pube-facing. I mean, there's only so much you can grow down there.

What Else Not to Do

Never bank on common sense because there's a major shortage these days. Let's just say that if you're planning on showing the person you're into that you're into them, make sure it won't get you arrested, shamed or plastered all over Facebook.

Diddy and Kate Upton aka Lying About Your Hookups

Also includes lying about your date, your boyfriend/girlfriend, your spouse and even who you fantasize about.

Lies are fun!

Supplied It, Then Denied It

Why anyone would lie about hooking up with a smoking hot model or about someone who can make you freaking star is beyond me. 

If You Can't Laugh at Yourself, Laugh With Others

Seriously. Who put it there?

If you didn't find that funny, you've got bigger issues to deal with.

Funny is Fun

Is there anything better than a good, hardy laugh? Yes, but we're focusing on the laugh for now. The worst days, the saddest moments, the greatest rages can all be quelled by a good laugh.

April Fools in Love

If you've never made a fool of yourself in the name of love, then you're probably making an ass out of yourself as we speak.

Love (or in the beginning, like liking) makes us do the kinds of stupid things we'd never consider in different state of mind. Unfortunately, love creates a kind of haze that shields you from all kinds of nonsense until you see pictorial evidence of such posted on Facebook.

It's About Time You Spring Into Some Love

Cute, fuzzy bunny says it's about damn time your love life blossomed into something because he's sick and tired of watching you not share your awesomeness with someone special.

Cute, fuzzy does not mince words.

Spring is about renewal. Waking up from the cold, hibernating months and warming up with someone new by your side.

Also, egg hunts.

You made all these promises to yourself and it's about (spring) time you get going!

This is how you use March Madness to improve your social life

Because let's face it, the only slam dunks you care about are the ones that go down in the bedroom.


NCAA Championship: Catch the Fever

Or don't. We can't all be obsessed with college basketball even if Gonzaga got a No. 1 seed! Whatever that means. If you're not playing, coaching, mascotting or gambling, there's not much in it for you.

Your Resolutions: Revised

It's About That Time

Valentine's has passed. President's Day is over. You've got so much debt that the only way to get rid of it is to fake your own death and start a new life in a tropical paradise. 

Not that you've given it much thought or anything...

Other things that have crashed and burned include your New Year's resolutions. You know, those promises you made to yourself about becoming a better person, losing weight, exercising more, spending less and writing that bestseller.

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