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Livelinks Blog: Dating Game

Lady in the streets, but a freak in the sheets

Hey Pals! Miss Live Links here,
Maybe it was a the hit song “Yeah”, by Usher, or maybe one of your friends uttered it over cocktails one night. Either way, chances are you’ve heard the term “Lady in the streets, but a freak in the sheets”. Loosely translated, it means that men desire women who are classy, sophisticated and know how to carry themselves in public and social settings, but when it comes to the privacy of the bedroom, all bets are off!

Why The Art of Conversation Means More Dates For You

Word play is foreplay. Flattery will get you everywhere. The right words at the right time.

The art of conversation is one that few people ever master, but that everyone appreciates. A true conversation is a two-way street, not stupid chatter. You can talk for hours and not say a damn thing. The art of conversation is about using words to create a spark between two people.

Coming Out With A Bang!

If they all came with a bang, the world would be a lot more accepting. They don't though, so you have to be open-minded on your own and prepare for when someone decides you're the person they are opening up to.

We've All Got Secrets

Some big. Some little. Some not so secret because you made the mistake of telling the ONE person who loves to take sh*t to Facebook and now you have to live in denial yet again.

Sometimes secrets become a burden and we have to share to one, to some or to all. In a way, this is sharing the burden with someone else so you can better deal with it yourself. Right? Right.

There are those who are lucky enough to be so out of touch with their inner turmoil that they can bury these secrets so deep down they'll never see the light of day. These are the people we envy. Not that we'd tell you or anything.

Others aren't so lucky and we need to be ready for that.

Be Accepting. Be, Be Accepting!

Unless they happen to be confessing something vile or criminal. We all have our limits. Aside from that, you can deal.

Remember, it takes a lot more to reveal than to receive a secret. You can sit there and laugh your ass off or spew hateful judgement while they die on the inside. You'll be okay, they'll never recover. Confessing is hard. Remember that.

Seeing as this is still real life, we also have to keep in mind that you can't always give someone the reaction they are expecting. Don't chase after them with a pitchfork, but show some kind of acknowledgment. Feel free to fake it at first until you can fully gauge the situation.

Get Your Game Face On

Also known as faking that visible emotion. Like you've done so many times in the past.

Find a neutral and somewhat encouraging expression to wear on your face so that your loved one does not think they've made a terrible mistake. Practice in the mirror until your reflection makes you feel better about yourself.

Pair that with accepting words like: Oh; I see; Okay; Thanks for telling me; Yes and...

Then nod. Always nod. The nod sells it.

After confession time is over, process the news at your leisure. You don't have to worry about hurting their feelings or saying the right thing. Just process. You may be in shock, you may not be. You might not like what you've heard, you might not care. Just process.

Then go for milkshakes after.

Pubes In Your Face

While pube rockets may show your utter devotion to a certain person, it's downright crazy. Like, really effing crazy. As such, be judicious with your pube-facing. I mean, there's only so much you can grow down there.

What Else Not to Do

Never bank on common sense because there's a major shortage these days. Let's just say that if you're planning on showing the person you're into that you're into them, make sure it won't get you arrested, shamed or plastered all over Facebook.

Diddy and Kate Upton aka Lying About Your Hookups

Also includes lying about your date, your boyfriend/girlfriend, your spouse and even who you fantasize about.

Lies are fun!

Supplied It, Then Denied It

Why anyone would lie about hooking up with a smoking hot model or about someone who can make you freaking star is beyond me. 

Women Love Big D*cks!

Thanks to science for stating the painfully obvious:


Worth the research to finally settle that debate.

Nothing Beats It

Absolutely nothing.

It's the kind of thing every girl dreams of. We want it for our birthdays. We want it for Christmas. We want it with cherries on top!

Your Brackets For The Win

Unless you prefer to lose.

The One Bet You're Guaranteed to Win

Is the one you never make, ha. Seriously, though. If you're basing your NCAA brackets on jersey colors, mascot fierceness or that weird dream you had, odds are you are going to lose bad.

Nobody likes a loser. Be a winner. Use the bracket system for something worth your while. Use the bracket system to get that social life going (finally). Everyone else is consumed (or pretending to be) with March Madness, you'll scoop in and get yourself some dates.

The Right Way to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

Preferably with green beer and an authentic leprechaun, but there are other options.

We're All "Irish"

HUUUUUUUGE emphasis on the quotes there because even the real Irish are a bit watered down on St. Patrick's Day. Still, we can't all be "Irish" the same way so I'll help guide you to your ideal state of inebriation.

If You Drink

Good for you! Admitting is the first step.

How to Win at Small Talk

Before the Words

The plan. As always.

Now's the time to really understand that small talk isn't always successful, but it is always necessary to succeed.

There is no ONE sure topic that will lead you to an awesome conversation and hopefully a date. What works for one person or on a certain person won't work for or on the next.

All things are subjective, including what to say. Life.

With that in mind, let's see how each scene plays out.

Here's Your Numbers Game Plan

Keep in Mind

The moral of this story is that dating is a numbers game. I've said it before, I'm saying it again, I'll say it fo' life!

It doesn't matter where you play because the game is always the same. Accept it. Embrace it. Live it!

Now, get on with it!

Prep Work

Get your head in the game...

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