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The Dating Games

The dating game, arena, sport, death match is very much like The Hunger Games. You enter at a young age, not all will survive, you need sponsors (wing men and women) and your mentor might just be a raging alcoholic.

So you tell yourself, "Screw it! I'm not gonna play those games, and you feel so superior thinking that you've beat the system. WRONG! You're not out of the game, you're just sitting on the bench. You're that one guy or girl everyone says, "At least I'm doing better than this sap". 

And you are a sap if you fail to realize that dating comes in different forms: you're just doing it for the sex, you're just doing it for the company, you're just doing it until David Beckham realizes he is utterly in love with you. You're still doing it. It. The Game.

Realizing that it's game time all the time? During the dry spells, the times you question your sexuality, and when you lose all hope and try Livelinks (insert laugh track). No love, no luck, but still in the bleeping game. You just suck at playing.

Harsh tone, I know. Meant for your own good. Stop hiding, stop denying, stop contemplating, stop fantasizing, start dating and play to win. (Psst! Ask me how...)

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