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The Gaggle

First things first, what the heck is a gaggle?

A gaggle is a group of guys (for guys it would be gals) composed of men who each fulfill a need in your life. These relationships don't need to be romantic, but there's always the possibility of more than platonic.

Peachy, right?

You have a guy who fixes things. Another who makes you laugh. One who acts as your work buddy. There's that guy who you chat with at Starbucks. Your ex... sigh... If you know a dude, he's in your gaggle.

The point of said gaggle is not just to show that you are able to interact with the opposite sex, but also serves as a launching point into your next relationship.

There's at least one guy you'd be interested in being more than just friends with (Ahem, David Beckham...), but the timing isn't always right. Other guys are your friends and nothing more. Your entire gaggle makes you a better dater because it helps you keep an open mind as to who you'd be compatible with and shows you exactly who isn't right for you.

Gaggling is like dating multiple guys at once, without having to date multiple guys at once.

What a time and reputation saver!

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