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Livelinks Blog: sex

Women Love Big D*cks!

Thanks to science for stating the painfully obvious:


Worth the research to finally settle that debate.

Nothing Beats It

Absolutely nothing.

It's the kind of thing every girl dreams of. We want it for our birthdays. We want it for Christmas. We want it with cherries on top!

Hookups and Hangovers


Hookups: successful and, often times, meaningless sex. Way to go!

Hangovers: successful and, all the times, excessive drinking the night before.

How They Start

With nothing but the best intentions, of course. You're out partying, having fun with friends and drinking like you've got ten livers. Hookups and hangovers are proof that you are living life, my friends!


Sex! There, I said it. Now get over it because, unless you're asexual, you think about sex just like everyone else.

You love it, hate it, dread it, do it, dream it, want it, exclaim it, proclaim it, believe, misconceive and deceive...

Everyone thinks about sex, but no one thinks about it exactly the same way.

Society Dictates

Hey! I Just Met You and This Is Crazy, but...

When should I make my first move so as to increase my chances of being successful... or something like that.

While we don't all have Carly Rae Jepsen playing in our heads during a date (and why not, what's wrong with you?), we are all worried about making the first move. The first hand hold, the first kiss, the end of the first date, the first time you have sex, the first time you do anything with that someone special.

It's all pretty nerve wracking. Unless you are supremely confident in all your endeavors, in which case I hate you.

Panty Dropper? Yes, Please!

A sense of humor is hands down the deadliest weapon in your sex arsenal. It brings down shields and leaves women defenseless for the onslaught to come (all kinds of puns intended).

Yet so few can wield a good joke well. Shame really, because humor is the ultimate panty dropper.

Why? Let me enlighten you...

Humor shows off your personality

The Dating Games

The dating game, arena, sport, death match is very much like The Hunger Games. You enter at a young age, not all will survive, you need sponsors (wing men and women) and your mentor might just be a raging alcoholic.

So you tell yourself, "Screw it! I'm not gonna play those games, and you feel so superior thinking that you've beat the system. WRONG! You're not out of the game, you're just sitting on the bench. You're that one guy or girl everyone says, "At least I'm doing better than this sap". 

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