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April Fools in Love

If you've never made a fool of yourself in the name of love, then you're probably making an ass out of yourself as we speak.

Love (or in the beginning, like liking) makes us do the kinds of stupid things we'd never consider in different state of mind. Unfortunately, love creates a kind of haze that shields you from all kinds of nonsense until you see pictorial evidence of such posted on Facebook.

It's About Time You Spring Into Some Love

Cute, fuzzy bunny says it's about damn time your love life blossomed into something because he's sick and tired of watching you not share your awesomeness with someone special.

Cute, fuzzy does not mince words.

Spring is about renewal. Waking up from the cold, hibernating months and warming up with someone new by your side.

Also, egg hunts.

You made all these promises to yourself and it's about (spring) time you get going!

This is how you use March Madness to improve your social life

Because let's face it, the only slam dunks you care about are the ones that go down in the bedroom.


NCAA Championship: Catch the Fever

Or don't. We can't all be obsessed with college basketball even if Gonzaga got a No. 1 seed! Whatever that means. If you're not playing, coaching, mascotting or gambling, there's not much in it for you.

Hookups and Hangovers


Hookups: successful and, often times, meaningless sex. Way to go!

Hangovers: successful and, all the times, excessive drinking the night before.

How They Start

With nothing but the best intentions, of course. You're out partying, having fun with friends and drinking like you've got ten livers. Hookups and hangovers are proof that you are living life, my friends!

Your Resolutions: Revised

It's About That Time

Valentine's has passed. President's Day is over. You've got so much debt that the only way to get rid of it is to fake your own death and start a new life in a tropical paradise. 

Not that you've given it much thought or anything...

Other things that have crashed and burned include your New Year's resolutions. You know, those promises you made to yourself about becoming a better person, losing weight, exercising more, spending less and writing that bestseller.

The 5 Kinds of Valentine's Lovers

A Stage

Love's a stage we all go through at one point or another. Some of us are always ready for fame while others are are always nervous wrecks. Our time during the love stage can be a big break or a big flop. 

Now, while the stage is the same for all, no two lovers ever play it the same way. Love... is subjective and varies from person to person, place to place, day to day.

The Single Lover

All My Single Ladies!

Single. Still?

Normally, this is where you throw the pity party for yourself and make piece with the fact that you despite owning a dozen cats, you will definitely be dying alone...

Woe unto you this Valentine's Day.

You've got no one to share the one and only love day of the year. There's no one to spoil you. There's no one to show off about...

Woe unto you this Valentine's Day. Actually, no. It's whoa. Whoa unto you because this Valentine's Day is going to be f*cking amazing!

Valentine's is Members Only

Without the Jackets
Valentine's Day is strictly a members only kind of gig. Cost of entry? Some kind of relationship. Also, the kind of credit card debt that even JG Wentworth can't bail you out of.

If you are alone, you are not allowed to celebrate. Go sit in the corner and think about why you are going to die alone.

There's no way around Valentine's serious exclusivity clause. Celebrating with your kids or your friends isn't even a consolation prize. You've won at losing, congrats.

Valentine's Ad Nauseum

Vday is BS

Big time.

If you agree with that statement, you're branded a cynic.
If you agree with that statement, but hope for that kind of romance, you're branded a loser.
If you don't agree with that statement, you're a fool.

How Valentine's Day went from supposed martyrdom and handwritten love notes to female obsession and mass-produced sentiments is mostly beyond me.


How to Win at Small Talk

Before the Words

The plan. As always.

Now's the time to really understand that small talk isn't always successful, but it is always necessary to succeed.

There is no ONE sure topic that will lead you to an awesome conversation and hopefully a date. What works for one person or on a certain person won't work for or on the next.

All things are subjective, including what to say. Life.

With that in mind, let's see how each scene plays out.

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