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What is Livelinks?

What is Livelinks?

The answer varies from person to person:

Phone sex

Sex hotline

Party line

A history lesson

Yep, many possibilites, but it all depends on who is calling to find out. Livelinks is phone dating. You call, you connect, you talk and then you go on a date. Easy!

While we don't aim for phone sex, some people always take it there. We're definitely not a sex hotline or a party line. When you call, you connnect one to one. You can connect one to one with as many people as you like. Now that's a party!

But What is Livelinks?

Livelinks is awesome. Livelinks is easy. Livelinks is fast. Livelinks is safe. Livelinks is real.

Livelinks is whatever YOU make of it. Ain't that grand?

The best thing about phone dating is that you can have as many "dates" as you want without having to worry about what night works for you or them. You call and you're on a date!

Where else can you do that?

What you say or do on your phone date, is up to you.

Livelinks is whatever you want it to be.

What is Livelinks, For Real?

Still don't know?

Livelinks is your shortcut to dating, a relationship, a hookup or  a quick chat without all the bullshit. 

It's never the same thing twice and there's always someone just for you.

Still not sure? 

You should call and find out!

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