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What Men Really Hate About Women

Also known as, "Why You're Still Single, Bro".

That Women Don't Really Like Nice Guys

That MUST be it! Women complain about how they can only find the douchebags and the jerks that treat them like crap. They pray for a Prince Charming, but go out with his evil stepbrother.

Well, guess what? There's a nice guy everywhere you look and he doesn't even try to hide how nice he is. Super, duper nice. So damn nice it would blow your mind.

So nice he never even mentions how nice he is every chance he gets.

This guy (he's real nice, btw) is always there for you, so if women really wanted a nice guy they'd have no trouble getting one. It's all a lie. You are so sick of the lies! Women don't want nice guys. That's why nice guys are always left hanging or worse...

That Women Love Putting Men in the Friend Zone

It's mostly filled with the aforementioned nice guys and is a fate worse than hell eternal. It is a permanent state of blue balls with no sign of... it's been so long you don't even know what the opposite of blue balls are!

If you treat women nicely, with respect and true friendship, they WILL treat you like a friend and condemn you to the friend zone. It's a fact! You listen to their problems, you care for them, you are there for them and all you get in return is undying friendship.

Bitches, man.

Women never try and see their friends as anything more than that. Every guy friend is a potential boyfriend. He's already spending a lot of time with you, might as well have sex with him all the time, right?

What the hell are friends for?!

That Women Don't Know What They Want

They say they do, but they don't. They don't know shit. They want nice guys, but fall for the bad boys. They want to look great in a bikini, but don't throw up after every meal.

Women are stupid. That's why they want Hollywood romance and Disney princes. It takes men to show them what they REALLY want. Like always.

BITCHES, man...

That Women Only Want Desirable Men

They want men to be attractive, in-shape and working. Ridiculous! As if wanting to pair up with a man who is able to provide for you and your non-mutant looking children is the only thing that matters in life.

Men don't make these kinds of demands from women. Ever! So instead of asking for guys like Ryan Gosling, Brad Pitt or Tim Tebow they should accept what they can get, then wear sexy heels, tons of makeup, not get fat, cook, clean and have sex on demand.

Seriously, ladies. Get with it already.

That Most Men Only Attract Women They're Not Into

It SUCKS. You only get the fat, ugly, crazy and non-model ones coming after you. The ones you find hot never find you attractive. Sucks times two!

There are only some guys that get all the hotties. While you can do everything in your power to make yourself as attractive to "your type" as possible, you're not going to because that's stupid.


A man shouldn't have to change to make himself more attractive or desirable. Women don't have to do that, so why should you? Nah, it's much easier to befriend them and then slowly win them over with your flawless logic.

Another Netflix night while she tells you about a new guy she met? Hell yeah! You are going to listen the shit out of her!

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