Phone Chat Etiquette


If you're anything like the majority of the population, you might be out of practice with actually talking on the phone. These days, texts, emails, WhatsApp and Messenger are the more common forms of communication. So, before you get on the phone, it probably wouldn't hurt to be reminded of some basic phone chat etiquette!

Here are five rules to follow to ensure you are always putting your best self forward on the line:

1. Introduce Yourself

This may seem obvious, but think, when's the last time you properly introduced yourself to someone over the phone? We're great at doing this in person, but often on the phone a proper introduction gets missed. When connecting with the singles on Livelinks, make sure you start things off right by volunteering a little more information than just "Hello"!

2. Be Ready to Talk when you Call In

Before you pick up the phone to chat, make sure you don't have anything else going on that might interrupt a conversation. If dinner is on the stove, your laundry is half finished, or you know a friend is going to be dropping by in a bit, then wait to chat until after these things are done. This way, you will avoid offending someone by asking them to wait or having to call them back.

3. Don't Swear

This is good advice for any new social situation. Just don't swear. It's not classy in a man or a woman, and it implies a certain lack of imagination! There are so many words in the English language to choose from. Why choose ones that could possibly lead to offense?

4. Keep your Mouth One and a Half Inches from the Receiver

Back in the day, they actually calculated what the ideal distance was from a person's mouth to the receiver of the phone in order to produce the best sound quality. Speaking clearly is the polite thing to do while on the phone, so this rule is applicable to this day. Hold the receiver about an inch and a half from your mouth so you don't have to yell, and your partner doesn’t have to ask you to repeat yourself!

5. Pay Attention

This is another simple but oh-so-important one! Pay attention to the conversation you are having while you are having it. Actively listening and participating is the best way to not only make a good first impression, but also to make a real connection. Listening is a very attractive quality.

Follow these five basic phone etiquette rules and your chat success rate is sure to go up!

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