Phone Chat Tip #11 – Best Chat Openers


Do you dream of that perfect conversation, where the words magically flow back and forth between you, punctuated by well-delivered punchlines and bouts of complicit laughter? You may think you just haven't met the right person yet, that your perfect match is out there, and when you talk to them you will know it because the conversation will be like a scene from a movie. And it's scary to think that you have already met them, but you just didn't realize it because you were both nervous and stumbled over your words as a result. Don't let this be the case. Practice these simple phone chat openers to make sure you don't miss out on someone great:

The "Small Talk" Opener

Small talk is often dismissed as meaningless and boring. However, small talk plays an essential function in our social interactions. It's especially important when you first meet someone and are easing your way into a conversation. It allows us to find common ground, starting with safe topics. The reason small talk gets such a bad rep is because of the way we do it. People will commonly ask generic, close-ended questions like "How was your weekend?" or "Where did you grow up?", that elicit bland, single-word answers. Instead, opt for one of these much more interesting, small talk openers: "What was an unusual thing you did today?", "What are you looking forward to this weekend?", or "What's the weirdest thing about where you grew up?"

The "Party Game" Opener

If you're in the mood to have a truly different conversation, try borrowing a page from the "party game" book. A creative subject, like coming up with a movie pitch together, is a great way to bond while also setting yourself apart from the "boring" conversational crowd. If the other person is game, engage them in an imaginative topic and see where it takes you! This is also a great way to suss out whether your conversational partner is open-minded and has a good sense of humor.

The "Honest Opinion" Opener

Another good technique to get a conversation flowing, is to ask for someone's opinion. People love to be asked for their opinion. It makes them feel valued, and invariably, a person will have an opinion on something. Ask your conversational partner, "I've been thinking about this thing a lot lately, and was wondering what you thought about it?" Immediately, you are opening the floor for your partner to express themselves, and this line of questioning will make them feel more comfortable sharing their own thoughts and ideas down the road.

Once you've perfected these three techniques, you'll find you can have a good conversation with almost anyone! You'll also be less likely to miss out on that special someone when they do come along.

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