3 Ways to Boost Your Confidence with Phone Chat


Nobody is born perfectly confident. Self-doubt is just a part of who we are as human beings and goes hand in hand with self-awareness. A little self-doubt is healthy, but too much and you risk missing out on some really great things in life — like having a romantic relationship. Confidence is key to building a positive relationship. Displaying confidence shows the other person that you can be trusted, that you are responsible and mature. If you feel like you've lacked confidence in the past, don't worry! The good news is confidence is a quality that can be built up and practiced just like a skill.

Next time you have a phone chat date, try these 3 simple tricks to boost your confidence and discover the difference a little self-assurance can make to your relationships:

1. Physical Confidence

There are countless studies that show how our physical state affects our mental state. Everything from the way we sit to the way we present ourselves, has a profound effect on how confident we feel. Something as simple as sitting up straight and opening your chest can serve to boost your confidence and lower your stress levels. The same holds true for the way we present ourselves. Studies have shown that wearing perfume and dressing attractively can inspire confidence. So next time you have a date, do your hair, spritz on a little fragrance, and wear something that makes you feel good — even if your date is over the phone! You'll be able to feel the difference these little physical touches make to your confidence immediately.

2. Visualize Confidence

You've no doubt heard the saying, "We are our own harshest critic." It's true, we are harshest on ourselves, and as a result we develop a faulty perception of ourselves. To deal with an inaccurate self-image, visualization can be a great tool. Visualization is a technique where you practice imagining a version of yourself that is positive, and that you are proud of. Visualize a great, fantastic, powerful you, and then picture that you achieving all your goals. This kind of mental practice will do wonders for your confidence, and in moments of insecurity, you will be able to call on that version of yourself for support.

3. Create Confidence

There are simple things you can do to create confidence. Helping others has been shown to provide an instant boost in confidence. When we are helping, we are able to forget about ourselves momentarily and we come away from the experience feeling useful and capable. It also feels good to be able to make a difference in someone else's life, however small. Try helping your neighbor carry her groceries or offering your seat to someone on the bus... Little gestures like these can have a profound effect on how good we feel about ourselves. Another way to create confidence is to try something new. It seems counter-intuitive, but when you try something different that puts you outside your comfort zone, you gain a little confidence from the experience.

In short, confidence can be acquired just like communication or leadership skills. Sit up straight, picture your best self, lend a helping hand, and try something new — like calling Livelinks Chatline!

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