Chatting for Relationships


Love, friendship, and everything in between can be found through phone chat dating. If you're looking for love, there's no shortage of like-minded singles to connect with on any given day. Finding that perfect person might take a few conversations — although, on some rare and fateful occasions, the elusive "love at first chat" has been known to occur! All this to say, finding the right person is possible. To help you find your person, here are three simple tips to make sure you are putting your best self forward on the line.

1. Pay Attention

It's easy to get caught up in the excitement of talking to a new person, and in all that excitement, space out on what exactly that person is saying. Make a concentrated effort to truly listen to the person you're chatting with. By paying close attention to that person, you will get to know them faster, and have a better understanding of whether they are a good match for you. If they are a good match, then paying attention will ensure you are presenting yourself as thoughtful and caring. It's the little things that stick in a person's mind; whether that's remembering their childhood best friend's name or gently poking fun at an endearing quirk in their personality, these are all things that will set you apart from the crowd.

2. Be Genuine

The best way to find the right person is to be genuine. It makes perfect sense that if you are fake or put on a front to impress a person, somewhere down the line, it will become obvious and things will go sour. In addition, if you're not you from the start, then it's impossible to know whether you are complementary to the person you are chatting with. Of course, it's difficult to just be genuine. We all want to give a good impression, and nerves play a part in what we say as well. But, if you make a real effort to be genuine, and you suppress any of those self-detrimental impulses to boast or embellish, you'll find that the connections you make will be more real and sustainable in the long term.

3. Be Curious

If you want to really get to know someone, be curious. Ask lots of questions. Inquire about the other person's thoughts, feelings, opinions and experiences. Don't just ask yes-or-no questions, ask open-ended questions like we discussed in our blog Keep the Conversation Flowing. When you express interest in what someone has to say, you're showing them you're interested in them as an individual, and that's the biggest compliment you can pay a person. It will also help you get to know them faster and understand whether they could be for you. In addition, when you let the other person do most of the talking, you are showing that you are thoughtful and well-disposed — all excellent qualities to display to a potential partner.

The way you listen and react to a person is especially important and especially telling during those first few conversations, so make sure you are putting your best self forward by: paying attention, being genuine, and being curious. These three simple tenets will help you find lasting love better than being boastful or too boisterous ever could.

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