Phone Chat Tip #14 - Explore Sensuality on Your Own Terms


Sensuality is widely misunderstood and more often than not denied. The word sensuality literally means "relating to or consisting in the gratification of the senses". It's about enjoying yourself, and yes, about pleasure. But it's not just about touch; rather sensuality encompasses all five of your senses: taste, sight, smell, sound and touch.

People forget (or just never discover!) that they can experience pleasure through more than just one of these senses. Sound, hearing someone's voice, word play, playful talk... these can be highly enjoyable experiences, if you are open to them! The beauty of the phone chat experience is that you get to explore your sensuality on your own terms.

If you've always wanted to tap into your sensuality in this way, but never had the nerve to try, now's your chance! Here are three easy pointers to help you in your exploration:

Express your Openness

To attract someone who is also looking to explore, record a playful greeting stating what you are looking for. This way, the responses you get will be from people looking for the same thing. You can also feel it out while you are having a conversation, and if the moment arises, point the chat in the direction you like!

Wear Little to Nothing

With a phone chat date, you get to talk to someone from the comfort of your home. What this means is you can dress however you like, and the other person will only know if you choose to tell them! It can be incredibly empowering to dress scantily or throw on something lacy. This is an easy way to arouse and get comfortable with your sensuality.

Set your Boundaries

Like we talked about in our very first phone chat tip, phone chat is about enjoying yourself. So, always set your boundaries. Decide what you are up for, and if you start feeling uncomfortable, simply cut it off. This is another reason why phone chat is the perfect place to explore different sides of yourself, you have total control and can put down the phone whenever you like!

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