Phone Chat Tip #9 – Keep the Conversation Fun and Unexpected


It can be a little intimidating to have a conversation on the phone with someone for the first time — especially when you're trying to meet a potential partner or make a new friend. The key to being successful at phone chat dating is to keep the conversation fun and unexpected. How?

Here are a few tips to follow to help you keep your conversations interesting:

1. Relax

The golden rule to follow to keep a conversation fun and unexpected is: just relax! Let your guard down, and see where the conversation takes you. When you're not constantly censoring yourself there's a lot more freedom to be yourself, not to mention a lot more things to say! It's a gratifying feeling to let loose, and your conversational partner will feel that and respond in kind.

2. Say what's on your mind

Once you've relaxed, saying what's on your mind will come a lot more naturally. This is a good way to keep a conversation unexpected because it's often the things we don't say — the random thoughts that run through our minds — that are actually the most interesting! It's not about blurting out random things for the sake of spontaneity either; it's just about giving yourself room to be yourself.

3. Don't overthink it

Finally, don't get caught up over-thinking it once you've said what's on your mind. It's easy to fall into the trap of analyzing your words after the fact, and it doesn't do you or your conversation any good. While you're busy regretting something you've just said, the other person has already moved on to the next thing, and if you're not careful you will quickly be left behind!

Follow these three simple tips, and a whole new world of fun and fearless conversations will open up to you... Call Livelinks Chatline today to give it a try. First time callers get a chat line free trial, and of course, it's always free for women to chat!

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