Overcoming Chat Anxiety


It's a natural human reaction to get nervous. When you first meet somebody, sometimes it can feel overwhelming to even phrase a coherent sentence. You are so worried about making a good impression that words don't come out right. We've all felt this way at some point. It's natural and it's human, and the last thing you should do is beat yourself up over it! Instead, next time you feel your nerves getting the best of you, try one of these three simple techniques to overcome your anxiety:

1. Stay Rational

When you're nervous, you'll usually have thoughts racing through your head and those thoughts will be less than kind, and not at all rational. For example, you may think, "This person definitely hates me and thinks I'm boring." Hardly a rational thought, but this is the kind of self-damaging inner dialogue we indulge in when we are suffering from anxiety. Next time you notice yourself having these kind of extreme thoughts, take a step back and think, am I being rational? Then, readjust that same thought to something more realistic like, "This person is probably nervous too, and that's why the conversation isn't flowing well."

2. Set Objective Goals

When you're anxious, your negative perceptions are amplified, and positivity goes out the door. You might be making a great impression on someone, but because of how nervous you are, you'll immediately assume they feel terrible too. This is why it's important to set objective goals to overcome your anxiety. For example, make a commitment to have three phone chat conversations this week. Stick to that goal and avoid focusing on other peoples' reactions. Focus on how you feel and the progress you are making by meeting your goals. It doesn't matter so much how the conversation goes, but that you made the effort to call. Over time, you'll find yourself becoming less and less nervous. There is no better way to build confidence than with practice.

3. Practice Deep Breathing

Deep breathing is a well-recognized, simple technique for dealing with social anxiety. Practice a little deep breathing every day, before and after you engage in conversation. This way, you'll go into a social situation having made a conscious effort to be calm. Just the physical effort required to take deep breaths has a profoundly calming effect on its own. When you're done chatting, practice deep breathing again — this will help you stay objective and not overthink your interactions.

Social anxiety is very common. Ask anyone, and they will answer that they sometimes feel anxious. But it is also highly possible to overcome anxiety; all it takes is a little self-awareness, and a willingness to step outside your comfort zone.

Phone chat dating is a great way to practice overcoming your chat anxiety. Everyone on Livelinks Chatline is there to talk, and there's no pressure to continue a conversation that you're not enjoying. Try live chat for free now and see for yourself!

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