Phone Chat is Not Just for Dating

We've covered the basics: phone chat is a great way to meet and date local singles. It provides an uncomplicated alternative to online dating. It's fun, it's instantly gratifying, and it will change the way you date! But did you know phone chat is not just for dating?

There are lots of people who connect to chat lines to do just that, chat. Whether you are looking for a friendly conversation at the end of a long day, to make new friends, or to break out of a social rut, phone chat provides an accessible platform for making new connections.

All sorts of different people use phone chat, for all sorts of different reasons. For example:

The Friendzone Chatter – Maybe you just got out of a relationship and aren't quite ready to dive into a new one, or maybe you are in a relationship but could use someone to talk to. Whatever the reason, the "friendzone" chatter connects to Livelinks simply to have a friendly conversation. Striking up friendships is their zone, and they love to talk about life, laugh, and enjoy a person's verbal company, no pressure or strings attached.

The New-to-Town Chatter – You just moved to a new city, and you don't know many people in town. Your job isn't conducive to meeting new people, and you're finding it hard to make connections out there in the world. A little lonely, a little shy, the "new-to-town" chatter is looking to meet people without the stress of an in-person encounter right off the bat. They connect to Livelinks to browse greetings at their leisure, and pick and choose who to talk to. They aren't necessarily looking for a romantic relationship, but they are looking for new relationships based on a foundation of mutual respect and trust.

The Social Butterfly – You love talking to people! Just getting to know someone is a source of great pleasure. Having a laugh, hearing different perspectives, sharing your own. Conversation is where it's at, and you would love to have the opportunity to chat with more people in your everyday life. The "social butterfly" is a creature who thrives on socializing. They find people are often too apprehensive or closed off to have a conversation out there in the real world—in a coffee shop or on the street. That's why they love phone chat, because the people there do want to talk! They are looking for any kind of conversation: friendly, funny, serious, or romantic; quite simply, the kind where words are exchanged.

Does one of these chatting types sound familiar? If so, have you considered phone chat before? Livelinks Chatline can help you expand your social circle, find friendship, engage in enjoyable conversations, and instantly make new connections. Now you know: phone chat is not just for dating!

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