What Are My Live Chat Line Service Options?

A Comparison of Quest Chat and Livelinks Chatline

There are several live chat line services to choose from, and on the surface, they appear quite similar. The differences are subtle, but there are pros and cons to each live chat service out there. The most popular live chat lines are Quest Chat and Livelinks Chatline. So why should you choose one over the other?

Here is a comparison of the features that both live chat lines offer:

With Live Chat Dating You Meet Real People

It is commonly known that with online dating, you don't always get what you signed up for. Men and women massage the truth when it comes to characteristics like age, appearance, and income. People spend hours carefully crafting profiles that they think will attract a partner but have little to do with what they are like in reality. There are even "professional online daters" whose job it is to flirt with women and men and earn dates on behalf of someone else! So how do you know the real deal from a scam? All too often, the answer is you don't.

Phone Chat Tip #4 – Be Spontaneous

Often, if you ask a man or woman to list the traits they are looking for in a potential partner, they will include "spontaneity" in their list, right after "a good sense of humor" and "being trustworthy". Many of us are dismayed when we hear this word—after all, who has time for spontaneity? We're busy. We work to make a living and at the end of a long week, we don't really feel like driving for hours on a whim to see a concert or go on a backcountry adventure through the woods. No, most of us want to kick back and relax with a beer or a glass of wine and watch a good movie!

Phone Chat is Not Just for Dating

We've covered the basics: phone chat is a great way to meet and date local singles. It provides an uncomplicated alternative to online dating. It's fun, it's instantly gratifying, and it will change the way you date! But did you know phone chat is not just for dating?

There are lots of people who connect to chat lines to do just that, chat. Whether you are looking for a friendly conversation at the end of a long day, to make new friends, or to break out of a social rut, phone chat provides an accessible platform for making new connections.

Phone Chat Tip #3 - Keep the Conversation Flowing

When you are talking to someone for the first time, it can be tricky to keep the conversation flowing smoothly. You've only just met, you're feeling each other out, you don't have shared history to fall back on, and you don’t even know the other person’s likes and dislikes. But never fear! These common conversational hang-ups can actually work in your favor. You've only just met, so get to know the person. You may not have shared history, but you can still share your history, and if you don't know what the other person likes, find out!

Online vs. On The Line

The modern world we live in is built on convenience. Lots of things are easier than they have ever been. Have a question? Ask online. Hungry? Place an order online. Need a new bedspread? Order one online. You don’t even need to stand in line for your coffee anymore; you can order your Starbucks through an app (half-fat, half-caf, easy whip and hazelnut shot included!) and it will be ready when you get there.

Phone Chat Tip #2 – Send Memorable Messages

If you've never live chat dated before, then you might be wondering what the best way to capture someone's attention is. How it works: you browse fellow chatters' greetings until you hear a message you like, and then you send them a message introducing yourself. The trick is, making that message memorable. Here are a few quick tips to do just that:

Live Chat: Dating the Fun Way!

Livelinks Chatline has been chatters’ go-to outlet for decades and retains its popularity to this day. Maybe it's because it's still just easier to pick up a phone than go to a bar, or maybe the experience itself is totally unique and not something you can achieve through an in-person encounter. That sense of electric excitement and mystery that accompanies talking to someone for the very first time, amplified tenfold by the fact that they are just a voice on the end of the line...

Phone Chat Tip #1 – Enjoy yourself!

This one is simple but key. Enjoy yourself when chatting! Let loose. Stop worrying and just chat. The whole point of phone chat is for you to have fun... So why not give it a try? See what happens when you relax a little. With phone chat your conversations are 100% private, so you don't have to worry about saying too much or too little. Just say what feels right. You'll see, when you're not constantly worried about saying the wrong thing, just talking to someone becomes the most natural and enjoyable experience in the world.