Overcoming Chat Anxiety


It's a natural human reaction to get nervous. When you first meet somebody, sometimes it can feel overwhelming to even phrase a coherent sentence. You are so worried about making a good impression that words don't come out right. We've all felt this way at some point. It's natural and it's human, and the last thing you should do is beat yourself up over it!

Phone Chat Tip #10 – Avoid Awkward Silences


The "awkward silence" is a moment we all dread in our daily interactions. After you've known someone for a little while you'll notice these silences less and less, similar to how you would never experience an awkward silence with your brother or your sister. It's not so much that you have more to say to each other the more time passes, it's just that you become more comfortable with each other. Herein lies the secret to avoiding awkward silences altogether.

Avoid These Common Phone Chat Mistakes


Phone chat dating, just like anything else, takes a little practice to perfect. It's like learning how to drive a car. At first, we're uncertain and nervous, but the more we drive, the more confident we feel. Also like driving, we have a tendency to think we are better at it than most people when, in fact, there is always room for improvement.

Phone Chat Tip #9 – Keep the Conversation Fun and Unexpected


It can be a little intimidating to have a conversation on the phone with someone for the first time — especially when you're trying to meet a potential partner or make a new friend. The key to being successful at phone chat dating is to keep the conversation fun and unexpected. How?

Here are a few tips to follow to help you keep your conversations interesting:

Chatting for Relationships


Love, friendship, and everything in between can be found through phone chat dating. If you're looking for love, there's no shortage of like-minded singles to connect with on any given day. Finding that perfect person might take a few conversations — although, on some rare and fateful occasions, the elusive "love at first chat" has been known to occur!

Phone Chat Tip #8 – Be Honest


On the laundry list of traits that are essential to have in a relationship, honesty usually ranks up there along with a good sense of humor and a kind disposition. Ask anybody, and they will tell you that a foundation of honesty is crucial to any good relationship. This rule can and should be applied from the start, and when you meet someone through phone chat, honesty really is the best policy.

Chatting for Friendship


There is a common misconception that phone chat is exclusively for dating. Though many callers are looking for a relationship when they connect to Livelinks Chatline, there are also those callers who are simply looking for a little companionship.

Phone Chat Tip #7 – Ask Questions


Has anyone ever asked you a question that gave you pause, so you couldn’t just respond off-hand and you had to really think about your answer? Has anyone ever asked you a question that made you smile and confide in them? You were taken by surprise by the intimate nature of the question, but you answered it anyway because it was so unexpected? Or what about a question that really got you talking?

Who Uses Phone Chat?

In a recent post, we established that Phone Chat is Not Just for Dating. People use phone chat for all sorts of reasons: friendship, dating, socialization and simple companionship. The reasons to use phone chat are diverse, just like the women and men who like to chat. Here is a quick look at the benefits of Livelinks Chatline for both sexes: