Phone dating is an amazing experience for women, and just like cover at a bar or club, women simply don’t pay. We make it easy and fun for women to chat and flirt for free with single men in your area!

Why Use Livelinks?

  • Livelinks is always free for women. You will never pay.
  • Enjoy the immediacy of a phone conversation; chatting is more exciting than texting.
  • NO paid operators, and you’re in full control of who you want to talk to.
  • Every call is private and unmonitored. There are no online profiles, so enjoy your chats knowing they are secure.
  • Instant connections to have fun with men in your city or in a different city.
  • You’re safe and in control - be free to explore the different sides of you!

How to Use Livelinks

  • Dial your local Livelinks phone number.

  • Record your greeting.

  • Listen to men’s greetings and respond to messages you like.

  • Start chatting.

Top 3 Things you need to know About using Livelinks

  • Who are the men on Livelinks?

    Men who chat on Livelinks are outgoing, confident, active men in your area that are looking to chat with a great person in their city, just like you are.

  • What does it cost?

    Livelinks is always free for women. You will never pay. All women qualify for a free membership, which gives you a more complete experience with more options. You never need to give a credit card or any form of personal information.

  • Do women need a membership?

    Not technically, but we highly recommend it because we want you to have a better experience! Women can start chatting anytime without any formal membership. Choosing your free membership means choosing benefits – stored messages, favorites list, access from any phone, and more.

Female Membership

It’s great to be a woman, and it’s great to be a woman on Livelinks!

We offer Free Membership to our female callers. Although you can use our phone chat service for free without membership, we encourage you to try a Free Membership because we are confident that our Membership benefits will give you the best phone-chat experience possible.

Being able to save great guys on your Hot List, send and receive offline messages, and saved greetings (so you don’t have to record a new one every single time) are just a few of the great perks you would enjoy through your Free Female Membership. There’s nothing to lose, and more options to talk to great guys.

Easy steps to get a female membership:

  • After identifying yourself a female, press ‘1’ to get your Free Membership.

  • You will hear some of the great benefits to having a membership then confirm you are 18+.

  • That's it!
    The system will issue you a new Free Female Membership to use anytime, anywhere.

Chat Tips for Women

Chat Tip #3

Be Charmful

The best greetings are the ones that you can hear clearly. Men on Livelinks are looking for personal connections that are genuine, playful and a bit exciting. Smile when you speak to convey warmth. Listen to your message after recording to make sure that it is clear and audible.

Chat Tip #23

Send Memorable Messages

Personalize a direct private message by addressing him by name. Find the most playful part of what he said and build on it. Livelinks men appreciate smart and straightforward women. Be bold, and tell him exactly what you are looking for.

Chat Tip #16

Keep the conversation flowing

Show interest by listening without interruption and engaging with his words. Find common ground in shared interests, and explore topics that bring an engaged energy to his voice.

Chat Tip #7

Avoid Awkward Silences

Knowing what to say when there is a pause in conversation helps keep the energy strong. Keep the conversation flowing with genuine curiosity. Draw him out by asking questions and sharing about you.

Chat Tip #12

Keep the Conversation Fun and Unexpected

Provocative subjects can spice up a conversation. Initiating something unexpected can fill you with confidence and energy. Men find bold, flirty women attractive. Know beforehand how sensual you want to be, and if you’re feeling it, go for it!

Chat Tip #4

Expect to Enjoy Yourself!

Be positive and expect the conversation to be great. The point of chatting is to have a good time! Remember to laugh. Nothing fuels a good conversation like good banter and laughter.

Chat Tip #20

Explore Sensuality - On Your Terms

Explore your sensuality in the safety of your own home. It’s fun to turn each other on with words and imagination, so give it a try! You have the power to slow things down by stating your boundaries (or blocking) if someone is moving too quickly.

Chat Tip #14

Dealing with Aggressive Men

To deal with aggressive men, just skip their messages! You can also block them by pressing "7" on their greeting. If you think they are doing something they shouldn’t, pressing #7 a second time alerts inappropriately aggressive callers to our Customer Service, and we’ll take it from there. We’ve got you.

Greetings How-To

Your greeting is the first impression you make to the men on Livelinks. Livelinks men are confident and find bold, playful women attractive. Here are some tips to make yours popular with men!

  • Clarity.

    Listen to your message after recording to make sure you can be heard with no mumbling or background noise.

  • Genuine.

    Be yourself and don’t be afraid to say what you are looking for in your greeting! Livelinks is a place to express yourself and find new fun.

  • Smile!

    People can hear the smile in your voice when you speak. Let your warm side shine through in your greeting.

  • Bold.

    Livelinks men are confident and find bold, playful women attractive. Be yourself and don’t be afraid to say what you are looking for in your greeting!

Want to hear what the guys are saying?

Livelinks FAQs for Women

Livelinks is ALWAYS free for women. You will never be asked for payment information.

At Livelinks, we strive to make your experience fun and pleasant to connect with other like-minded singles. Our friendly agents are always available to answer your questions about our Livelinks service. You can also get answers quickly below with our frequently asked questions to cover everything you need to know to start meeting new men on Livelinks instantly.

Do I need a membership?

You can use Livelinks without a membership, but you miss out on some exclusive, membership-only, features like offline-messaging, hot-listing, re-usable greetings and more. Livelinks is always free for women, whether you use a membership or not.

How much does Livelinks cost?

Livelinks is ALWAYS free for women. You will never be asked for payment information.

What do I do if I forget my membership number or passcode?

Call our friendly customer service team toll-free at 1-800-984-6889. For your security, you will be asked to verify personal information before we can provide with your membership and passcode numbers.

What is Livelinks?

Livelinks was established since 1990 as a phone chat line service to help singles meet other local singles in a fun, safe and comfortable setting. Being the biggest phone chat line company in North America, we know what you are looking for and give it our best to make real instant connections with many like-minded singles to experience fun, friendship and relationships.

What kinds of people call Livelinks?

People like you! We do not hire people to use our system, everyone you hear is a real person looking for the same things you are.

How old do I have to be to call Livelinks?

All callers must be at least 18 years old to use Livelinks.

Is my information secure with Livelinks?

Unlike online dating, we don’t require you to provide us with personal information, profile questionnaires or intimate details. Rest assured that your experience on Livelinks is as private and secure as you make it.

How can I start meeting new people through Livelinks?

  1. Call the Livelinks phone # local to you.
  2. Record your greeting in the Live Connector.
  3. Browse through the greetings while other people listen to yours.
  4. When you hear someone interesting, send them a message to strike up a conversation.
  5. Send or accept a connection request for a private live chat.

Are the people on Livelinks paid to talk to me?

No, everyone you hear on our system is a real person, just like you.

Is Livelinks private and confidential?

Absolutely! Other Livelinks callers have no way of getting any information about you unless you give it to them. They won’t know your phone number, address or real name.

How do I get started?

Livelinks is always sexy, fun, and exciting. With different callers all the time, it’s a great new experience every time you call. Here’s what to expect:

  1. Start by calling your local Livelinks phone number.
  2. Record a greeting that will introduce you to the other callers. You can re-record your greeting as many times as you like. Once you save it, it plays to the other callers, letting them know you’re on the line.
  3. Next, listen to greetings from other callers. Hear someone you like? Send them a message! If someone’s into you, they’ll message you too. You can respond to anyone (or everyone!) you want—it’s always up to you.
  4. Find someone really special? If messages are flying like sparks, invite them to join you for a live chat session! Your private chats are just that—private! What you do is between you two. Don’t worry, people can still send you messages while you’re in a private chat. You’ll hear them once you’ve finished a live chat.

What is not acceptable in a greeting?

We want everyone to have a positive and enjoyable experience using Livelinks Chatline. We will not tolerate:

  • Any discrimination based on age, gender or race
  • Any references to illegal activity
  • Threats of violence or harm

What if I receive a message that I find really interesting?

When you receive a message from someone who interests you—and we know you will—you can instantly exchange private messages with them. It’s like sending a voicemail that they’ll hear right away. When you’re ready, send a connection request to chat live in a private conversation.

What is Hot List?

If you hear a greeting of another member that you like, you can add the member to your Hot List. When they come online, you’ll be notified with that member’s greeting. You can send them a private message or request for Live Connection if you like. If you’re offline, you’ll receive a text to let you know if someone from your Hot List is online. Guys, you are all set with this feature.

What should I say in my greeting?

Your greeting introduces you to other callers, so don’t be shy! This is your chance to share what’s special about you. Relax and take your time, because the best greetings get the most responses! Here are some tips for recording a greeting to get you noticed:

  • Keep your tone positive! Ladies are attracted to confidence and warmth, so speak clearly and remember to smile.
  • Share your best features, interests, and passions. Think about what will make you stand out to the ladies, and let them know!
  • Most importantly, tell them what you're looking for! Whether it's friendship, a relationship, or something more sensual, asking for what you want is the best way to get it.
  • Listen to your greeting when you’re done recording to make sure it’s the way you want it. If you want to express something different, you can record a new one any time you want.

What do I do if I receive a message from a caller that I'm not interested in?

Hear from someone who’s not your type? Just skip the message! If they’re really bugging you, you can even block them by pressing "7" on their greeting. Callers that you block can’t hear your greeting, and you won’t have to hear theirs either. If you believe their behavior crosses over to inappropriate, you can also flag them for us to review by pressing “7” again after blocking them.

What is Offline Messaging?

Offline messaging means you can hear greetings from callers currently on the chatline, as well as greetings from callers who were recently on the chatline. Callers can also hear your greeting when you’re not on the line. You can send messages to offline callers, and receive messages from callers when you’re offline and be notified via text messages that you have a message waiting. You can also save messages you receive so you can listen to them again later on.

What are Ice-Breakers?

Ice breakers are pre-recorded messages you can use to initiate conversations if you are too shy to send a greeting of your own.